Comprehensive organization of weddings and wedding ceremonies

What we do?

Your wedding day is said to be one of the most important days of your life. You impatiently wait for that day to come and everything has to be perfect. Your wedding day should be nothing but a day full of happiness and joy. Hiring a wedding consultant is a thing worth considering, especially because of their experience in wedding planning. It takes less time to find a wedding consultant than to plan a wedding on your own.

Our wedding consultants are fully responsible for organizing the event. They offer advice, a wide range of service providers and coordinate the wedding day, so the wedding couple can enjoy their time instead of being hosts of the event.

Every offer is individually prepared for every client. It is you that we care about, your expectations, needs and dreams. You set your budget and you tell us when you need us and for how long.

Stage 1- First meeting

Before attending our first meeting we will ask you to fill in the questionnaire. It is a fantastic chance for us to learn more about you and your vision. Our event planners take this opportunity to discuss your requirements and dreams, however big or small. During the meeting we start detailing all the elements of your event, so we can get a better feel for what you want and you can see your party begin to take shape.


Stage 2 - Podjęcie decyzji o współpracy z naszą firmą

You will have time to analyse our offer and decide whether you want to sign a contract with us or not.


Stage 3 - Podpisanie umowy

If you decide to hire us, we will meet again to sign a contract. We will discuss in details your budget and our responsibilities.


Stage 4 - Organizacja

After signing a contract, we will choose a venue, decide which service providers we will hire,etc.

If you are interested in our offer or you have any queries about it, please do not hesitate to fill in our questionnaire, so we are able to provide you with an individual offer.